• Description:

    Makita BO3700 sander runs at 10000 orbits per minute. The Makita orbital sander’s large clamping lever makes replacement of the sand paper easy and quick.The Makita BO3700 Sander is a powerful invention in the housing construction sector. Makita is unarguably the first company in Japan to manufacture and sell portable electric planers. This finishing sander features the lowest vibration in its class. The ergonomic handle design provides operator comfort and control. It runs at a rapid speed of 10000OPM for smooth finish sanding. The large clamping lever allows for quick and easy changing of the sanding paper. The large trigger switch leads to a smooth and easy operation.

    Keeps You Safe and the Area Clean

    The Makita orbital sander’s effective dust collector system automatically sucks in the dust through the installed pad, keeping the work area clean. This machine has a double-insulated body, which protects the user against any potential electric shocks.

    Comfortable Usage

    The ergonomically-designed top of this sander allows for convenient control; you can even use this sander single-handedly. It runs at 180W and has a pad size of 93 x 185mm. The abrasive paper measures 93 x 228mm. It also comes with a 2m long power cord for easy operation around the work area.