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Rukn Al Burhan

Commercial Plywood

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Commercial plywood is of MR grade (Moisture resistant) grade. Note that ‘moisture resistant’ is not the same as being ‘waterproof’. It only means that the plywood can withstand some amount of moisture, dampness and humidity.The adhesive used for bonding the plies together is Urea formaldehyde.Commercial plywood is most commonly used in the making of home and office furniture, and interior decoration work such as paneling, partitions.

  • Type-1-phenol formaldehyde glue(WBP)
  • Type-2 -Urea formaldehyde glue(MR)
  • Thickness & Size : 3.6 mm – 18 mm, 4’*8′
  • Orgin : Malaysia, Indonesia, China
  • Usage : Joinery / Carpentry,Packaging Industry
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